Top 3 Node JS eCommerce platforms.

Prime Fusion

Although Prime Fusion is an Open Source Node JS eCommerce platform, it has a team of experts providing regular updates and support to it ( that makes it lucrative ). This Node JS eCommerce platform is done on pure MEAN Stack and has an impressive framework. The way in which the entire solution is architected helps developers to play around with it in ease.

Prime fusion can be taken up by any Full stack developer and customized in minutes. It’s so straight and open with world class coding standards ( unlike Magneto and WordPress where you would need a developer who understands the specific frameworks )

his JS eCommerce solution comes with a suite of amazing features that include all essential multi-vendor & single-vendor elements. Includes essentials integrations like Payment Gateways ( Paypal, Stripe etc. ), Responsive Seller Dashboard for each vendor, Super Admin Panel to configure & control the entire site, a default sleek template in Angular JS, Shipping management etc.

The entire eCommerce platform resides beneath an API layer, so front end Templates & themes can be easily developed using famous JS frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS etc. The solution comes with the Database in MongoDB, Server side in Node JS, API’s & front end in Angular JS. It is integrated with required components to make it SEO friendly & is highly tuned for performance. Anyone can download it right away and use it instantly.

Reaction Commerce

Reaction Commerce is another good open source Node JS eCommerce platform. The entire solution is built on the Meteor Framework. So you would need a developer who is proficient in Meteor JS framework for customizing it.

This Node JS eCommerce platform comes with a set of essential features for running a complete eCommerce store. Reaction Commerce has in-line editors, its Responsive, has essentials Apps integrated ( Paypal, Stripe, Analytics etc. ) & is command line ready.

There seems to be a lot of activity in the Forums section of Reaction Commerce. The discussions around topics like: Split Payments, Search Plugin, Video course, Bitcoin integration, Web Hooks, Subscription, Customization, Shipping automation, Erp, Tax Calculation, COD, Themes, Templates etc. hints that the upcoming versions of Reaction Commerce may be having these features. The Node JS eCommerce open source project looks exciting. Should wait and see how it shapes up.

Traider io

One other matured looking Node JS eCommerce open source project is “Traider io”. The entire eCommerce platform is built using MEAN Stack ( Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS & NodeJS ). also provides a flexible API for developers to build on & has a responsive layout based out of Bootstrap. This Node JS eCommerce platform with built in store essentials and a ready made frontend with an admin panel to manage the entire solution. Traider has the entire code base for download in their Github repository & is open for the community to build on.

Having seen the Top 3 ambitious Node JS eCommerce platforms available. Next lets discuss a bit on the question everyone has in mind.

Is Node JS better than PHP for eCommerce applications?

Yes, we all know the MEAN stack by itself is relatively a new emerging technology. Php based eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce etc. have been there for long and a lot many eCommerce solutions have been built on these established frameworks. One can easily argue that the amount of features built on such Php based eCommerce frameworks cant be easily bought inside the new Tech stack based solutions. Well, this is wrong as you cant keep sticking on to age old technologies just because a lot many things been built over it in the past years.

One of the biggest issues with PHP based eCommerce platforms is Performance and scalability.

Did you know? A Woo commerce store cant handle more than 10,000 products! the site hangs and goes down ( one of my friends doing drop shipping faced this issue & had to ditch Woocommerce for a MEAN stack based eCommerce platform )

Superior Multitasking is one of the main advantages of Node JS based applications. This gives high concurrency to Node JS based apps due to the usage of non-blocking event loop. But with PHP concurrency and multi tasking is a nightmare & you would need to launch multiple Php processes to keep handling multiple requests. A simple performance bench-marking test will easily show that the performance of a Php app is less than half of a same Node JS based app.

Node JS eCommerce platforms are light weight compared to Php based eCommerce platforms, as the number of dependencies are very low in Node JS based solutions.

And yes, when it comes SEO friendliness: MEAN stack based eCommerce platforms can be stunningly SEO friendly. Infact the latest Angular eCommerce front-end’s are super Search engine friendly, while also not compromising on the Angular experience. The pages can be easily engineered to throw HTML content when opened by Search Spiders and just normal Angular content when opened by humans. There are also plenty of 3rd party tools to achieve this easily like etc.

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